We offer a language framework for emergent and transparent communication, shared intelligence, and collective action.

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We aim at guiding researchers in investigating in what ways learners may be best assisted in enhancing their communication skills. The level of communicating that we here refer to generates an internal roadmap to navigate the complex terrain of the inner self, leading to augmented capabilities, shared intelligence, and a clearer sense of purpose in life.

This study will lead the researcher to explore how this level of communicating influences the cultivation of intentional trust in what emerges, inclusivity that encourages co-participation, natural weaving through conversation, and collective conscious action. The researchers can also explore how, as part of this learning process, learners are enabled to overcome their inner challenges and work towards realizing their intended personal goals.

Your research will support a growing community of change-makers, including QSL practitioners, facilitators, and trainers, who wish to serve their local institutions, and communities. If you are interested in studying quantum social learning (QSL), please contact us after reading our white paper for more information.



I wish to take the peak path toward developing the knowledge to design research based on QSL IOLEE.

We offer support to research scholars in developing the know how to design and conduct transdisciplinary research in the areas that quantum social learning (QSL) explores, and its application in education, social science, psychology, and medicine, to name a few disciplines.

2001 - 2022 | Our team has conducted exploratory, literary, fundamental, and action research that has resulted in the living language framework, knowledge acquisition method, and conscious action learning practice.

2021 - 2021 | We have conducted a preliminary evidence based qualitative study in collaboration with The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (Italy), and The Institute of Noetic Science (USA), which has offered us insight in how to design transdisciplinary QSL studies.

2022 - 2022 | Our team is preparing a mixed methods study of the effects of the conscious action learning practice of QSL, using the measurement of weak biophoton emission. We are still looking for research funding. If you’re interested in conducting other kinds of studies, please contact us by registering below or planning an orientation call through our contact page.

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Our team has spent over 20 years gathering observational data from citizen scientists and conducting research and development to create a new approach to learning called "quantum social learning" or QSL. QSL focuses on the most subtle aspects of human experience, known as qualia, which include intuitions, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions. Our interpretation of quantum theory is centered around studying these qualia and understanding them as the basis of social interaction. Through our transdisciplinary framework, called "inside out learning experience ecosystem" or IOLEE, we aim to help learners extend their language skills to include both the visible and invisible aspects of reality, simultaneously from the subjective and the objective. Quantum social learning involves a continuous process of self-reflection, evaluation, and testing to improve the learner's capacity to restore the most natural inclusive flow, individually and collectively.

Monsanto, C., Petruse, A., & Agrawal, L. (2022, December 30). Weak Biophoton Emission Reveals Gateways To The Past. https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/q7u2d

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My name is Carlo Giovanni Monsanto and a founder of IoLee Ecosystem. I'm an original thinker, scholar, consultant, and trainer who draws on various disciplines to develop solutions. These have the potential to evolve human life beyond crises. To bring our vision to life, I've contributed to facilitating QSL's action learning process to differing audiences, and have been involved in guiding research to validate QSL to make it accessible to more people.

My name is Andreea Georgiana Petruse and a founder of IoLee Ecosystem. I have a Master’s in organizational systems, a Bachelor's cum laude in cultural anthropology, and independent studies in various fields. I hold a remote private therapeutic practice, Education2Thrive, and aim to provide empowering frameworks to shape a new educational paradigm. I contribute to IOLEE as an ambassador and guide in its development as a curriculum. I believe IOLEE can effectively guide children to develop trauma/conflict resolution skills early in life. I'm also the author of the upcoming book, Song Of The Child, which explores this vision and its effect on social evolution.

My name is Lokesh Agrawal and a founder of IOLEE Ecosystem. I have been fascinated by the human brain since my school days. I pursued undergraduate studies in converging technologies and graduate studies in cognitive and neurosciences, earning a master's degree from the center for converging technologies, UOR (India). I joined the National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS; Japan) as a junior researcher and later earned a doctorate in neuroscience from University of Tsukuba (Japan). Currently, I serve as a researcher at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST; Japan), and am involved in regenerative medicine. I am also an adjunct professor at UNICAL (Curacao).

We offer a language framework for emergent and transparent communication, shared intelligence, and collective action.


Scientific Research

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