We offer a language framework for emergent and transparent communication, shared intelligence, and collective action.







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The Facilitator Training

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Stage 1

Flow in Observing

Time-tested observation practices, based on quantum social learning, help you uncover the more subtle aspects of your experience and grow beyond crises, seeing reality through a more mindful lens.

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Stage 2

Flow in Evaluating

By consciously observing, you can tune to and empathetically evaluate and give feedback about the brain and body’s circuitry, and about what happens between individuals when they socially interact.

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Stage 3

Flow in Facilitating

Improving your ability to guide individuals and groups can boost your facilitation aptitude and self-assurance, resulting in you becoming a proficient and confident facilitator.


We offer a comprehensive one-year training program for individuals who aspire to master the art of facilitating Quantum Social Learning (QSL) in various settings such as education, clinical, and social environments. To complete the program, you must attend at least 80% of the weekly group sessions, individual mentoring, and practicums, and demonstrate consistent progress throughout the year. During and after your training, you can participate in our growing community of practitioners and facilitators.

If you have a scientific inclination, you can supplement your foundational QSL training with guided independent research. This will involve practicing first-person methods and critically evaluating the QSL processes.


Stage 1: During the learning process, you will explore QSL's living language framework and practice different attentional modes to minimize bias and enhance your perception of reality. You will also learn touch practice, which will help you gain practical insight into how experiences occur in both the mind and body.

Stage 2: You will delve deeper into QSL's theory and practice, including various forms of knowledge acquisition, and the touch practice. With the insights gained from these stages, you will further develop your conscious practice, expand your empathetic (self) evaluating and feedback skills, and become more proficient in facilitating individuals and groups.

Stage 3: You will have the opportunity to connect with others and guide them in their QSL journey, thereby enhancing your facilitation skills and confidence. As a result, you will emerge as a skilled and confident facilitator of QSL.

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Training Process

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Action Learning

2 hours / week

online in Zoom.



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Conscious Practice

In and outside of



3 Stages

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Social Practice

Conscious practice in social interaction.

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Be more aware and present with self.

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Observe reality like never before.


Process difficult experiences, and allow your emotions to flow.

Learn self-reflexively.

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Feel healthy and resilient.

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New levels of freedom.

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Feel open to communicating with transparency and a heartfelt connection.

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This Quantum Discovery Process bases itself on quantum social learning (QSL), a novel living language, method for knowledge acquisition, and conscious action learning practice, that can evolve your life beyond crises, and develop your capabilities beyond your imagination…

“Quantum social learning enriched my personal and student life beyond expectations. A new language of emotions has made me more aware of my body and how emotions affect it. In my personal life, this has enabled me to understand reactive patterns that were holding me back. It has allowed me to connect with past experiences that needed resolution. By enriching my personal life in such a profound way, my student life has also improved significantly. I am more present and better understand other people's internal processes, discerning which feelings are mine and which are not. In general, these are great tools and insights to use when communicating with others.”

R. Rodriguez (United States)


My name is Carlo Giovanni Monsanto. I see myself as an original thinker, scholar, consultant, and trainer, who draws on many disciplines and areas of expertise to develop solutions. A process of deep personal transformation enabled me to contribute to the systematization of quantum social learning or QSL and its linguistic framework, method for knowledge acquisition and conscious observation practice - IOLEE. Our team develops solutions, based on QSL, which have the potential to evolve life beyond crises, and augment human capabilities. To realize this, we facilitate QSL learning processes in social, educational, corporate, and clinical settings. We also support developing studies that are oriented toward validating QSL, and make its guiding framework, method and practice available globally, to expand our human capabilities.

We offer a language framework for emergent and transparent communication, shared intelligence, and collective action.






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e-mail: carlo.monsanto@iolee.life

website: www.iolee.life

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