Embracing Interconnectedness:
Quantum Social Learning
And the HEAL Language project

Welcome to the heart of IOLEE, where the transformative journey of Carlo, Andreea, and Lokesh unfolds. Discover the vision that ignited the creation of IOLEE and paved the way for the Healing Experience Augmenting Language (HEAL) and Quantum Social Learning (QSL).

Here’s our story.

A warm welcome

Meet the visionaries

Carlo Monsanto

Carlo Monsanto


My background in consciousness studies has led me to the exploration and foundation of IOLEE’s programs.

Andreea Petruse

Andreea Petruse


I am a visionary with a passion for human potential and connection, and bring an expertise in holistic well-being to IOLEE.

Lokesh Agrawal


I am a catalyst for change and my commitment to collective growth and interconnectedness has shaped the essence of IOLEE.

How it all started

Troubled by the uproar of inner and outer violence in the world, we embarked on a profound initiative to answer a fundamental question:

“How do we evolve out of the strife and struggle of survival and into a state of
thrival ?”

This question planted the seeds for QSL-HEAL, evolving over three decades into a robust structure.

Quantum Social Learning

Based on a revolutionary approach to quantum theory, multidisciplinary studies, and ancient knowledge, QSL provides a framework for navigating life’s challenges with a profound capacity for resilience and compassion.

The HEAL Language

Developed as part of the QSL project, the HEAL Language is designed to translate long-standing adverse patterns into understanding the corresponding emotional reactions, and providing an easy-to-follow process towards their resolution.

Human Experience Augmenting Language – H.E.A.L.

The HEALing process unveiled

STEP 1: Foundational Grounding:

A Gateway to Stability and Aware Presence

  • Learn about the foundational “Grounding” process, a simple yet powerful
practice that balances attention and facilitates a stable, aware presence.