We offer a language framework for emergent and transparent communication, shared intelligence, and collective action.

Quantum Social Learning

…discover how to flow, from the inside out… and achieve your potential in the present…



Orientation through intro video,

and orientation call. Register

for the Quantum Discovery (QD)



Participate in the QD process,

become a practitioner, connect

and exchange with peers.

Orientation to become

a QSL facilitator.


Participate in the facilitator, and

train-the-trainer training,

exchange with peers,

support practitioners,

and/or support in research.

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You will assist educators, change-makers, regenerative practitioners and professionals in enhancing their communication skills. We are referring to a unique form of communicating that is like having an internal roadmap to navigate the complex terrain of our inner selves, leading to increased capabilities, shared intelligence, and a clearer sense of direction and purpose.

Start up meeting in Co-working office

You will guide and support participants through these developmental stages, helping them to overcome their inner challenges and work towards their intended goals, both individually and socially. The outcome is an intentional trust in what emerges, inclusivity that encourages co-participation, dialogic exploration, and collective conscious action.

Global communication network concept. Management strategy. Worldwide business.

To achieve this, we are creating a decentralized network of regional learning centers that can serve local communities worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a quantum social learning (QSL) facilitator and trainer in your own community, city, or region, please contact us after reading our white paper for more information.


IOLEE enables a level of communicating and living that is like having an internal roadmap to navigate the complex terrain of our inner selves, leading to increased capabilities, shared intelligence, and a clearer sense of purpose.

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Individuals (youth/adult), couples, and parents can develop language skills around what they experience inter/subjectively, resolving patterns based on adversity, and evolving their human capabilities.

Educators can mitigate stress and create healthy environments wherein they and their students can communicate more transparently, and thrive.

Regenerative practitioners can evolve and integrate modalities, and conscious practices through using QSL’s novel open language framework.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs can develop conscious communication practices that augment resiliency and well-being, professionally and socially.

Health care professionals can communicate more consciously, creating more flow, and cultivating environments wherein they can augment their patient’s health outcomes.

Be more aware and present with self.

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Observe reality like never before.


Process difficult experiences, and allow your emotions to flow.

Learn self-reflexively.

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Feel healthy and resilient.

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New levels of freedom.

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Feel open to communicating with transparency and a heartfelt connection.

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The outcome of using the IOLEE language framework is intentional trust in what emerges, inclusivity that encourages co-participation and self-organization, a natural weaving through conversation, and collective conscious action.


“Quantum social learning enriched my personal and student life beyond expectations. A new language of emotions has made me more aware of my body and how emotions affect it. In my personal life, this has enabled me to understand reactive patterns that were holding me back. It has allowed me to connect with past experiences that needed resolution. By enriching my personal life in such a profound way, my student life has also improved significantly. I am more present and better understand other people's internal processes, discerning which feelings are mine and which are not. In general, these are great tools and insights to use when communicating with others.”

Rebecca R. (United States)


My name is Carlo Giovanni Monsanto and a founder of IoLee Ecosystem. I'm an original thinker, scholar, consultant, and trainer who draws on various disciplines to develop solutions. These have the potential to evolve human life beyond crises. To bring our vision to life, I've contributed to facilitating QSL's action learning process to differing audiences, and have been involved in guiding research to validate QSL to make it accessible to more people.

My name is Andreea Georgiana Petruse and a founder of IoLee Ecosystem. I have a Master’s in organizational systems, a Bachelor's cum laude in cultural anthropology, and independent studies in various fields. I hold a remote private therapeutic practice, Education2Thrive, and aim to provide empowering frameworks to shape a new educational paradigm. I contribute to IOLEE as an ambassador and guide in its development as a curriculum. I believe IOLEE can effectively guide children to develop trauma/conflict resolution skills early in life. I'm also the author of the upcoming book, Song Of The Child, which explores this vision and its effect on social evolution.

My name is Lokesh Agrawal and a founder of IOLEE Ecosystem. I have been fascinated by the human brain since my school days. I pursued undergraduate studies in converging technologies and graduate studies in cognitive and neurosciences, earning a master's degree from the center for converging technologies, UOR (India). I joined the National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS; Japan) as a junior researcher and later earned a doctorate in neuroscience from University of Tsukuba (Japan). Currently, I serve as a researcher at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST; Japan), and am involved in regenerative medicine. I am also an adjunct professor at UNICAL (Curacao).

IoLee Ecosystem

IoLee Ecosystem responds to the crisis of disconnection and unconscious reactivity that is affecting many global sociopolitical systems. We see QSL-IOLEE as an urgent and crucial socially oriented living language framework, method for knowledge acquisition and conscious action learning practice that can contribute to the evolution of humanity. To this end, we offer educational programs, including personal mentoring, and group workshops. We also conduct research, and contribute to technological development.



Consciousness Quotient Inventory

The Consciousness Quotient Inventory or CQi tests a person’s consciousness quotient, a composite psychological construct.

Consciousness Quotient Institute

We offer a language framework for emergent and transparent communication, shared intelligence, and collective action.



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